Center Ice Brewing collabs with the “Gloria bar” to debut #PlayGloria Hazy Pale Ale

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Not every city has a hockey-themed brewery, but St. Louis does with Center Ice Brewing in Midtown, and it’s “glorious.”

Or should we say, “Gloria-us.”

The St. Louis Blues’ run to the Stanley Cup may be over, but the immense pride the win has brought to the city has left a halo effect that continues today, and hopefully for many more months. One of the best side-stories of the Cup win, was the “Gloria” bar, in Philadelphia where the entire “Play Gloria” victory song phenomenon began.

The bar, The JacksNYB, became the unlikely mecca of every Blues fan living on the East Coast, and locals who just wanted to experience this oasis for Blues fans in the middle of the City of Brotherly Love. Who’d a thunk it?

Mike, the owner of The Jacks, was gracious in welcoming our crews from KSDK into his bar so we could capture the moments of Game 3 and 6. It was great TV and the Blues fans there seemed to really love that we were there.

Now, the magic of TheJacksNYB and our own Center Ice is coming together with a new beer to continue the party.


Here’s Center Ice Brewing’s owner Steve Albers to explain what the new beer is and how the partnership came to be. Cheers!

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