New Releases

New Mezcal coming To St. Louis

Author Jay Schroeder said, “You’re not going to read a book on Mezcal, cover-to-cover, and three hours later be woke and understand mezcal. It’s not going to happen. Mezcal, as a category, is unknowable. It […]


Public House Brewing getting giddy with new coffee milk stout release

Coffee stouts, especially well-crafted, well-balanced coffee stouts are the things beer lovers long for as the calendar moves into fall and eventually winter. They’re the beers that we sip by the fire, at the tailgate […]


Old Bakery Beer Co. debuts new pastry inspired brown ale

Earlier this week, I told you about the recent release of Charleville’s German Chocolate Cake Stout, a delicious foray into the ever-growing beer subcategory of pastry stouts. Imperial stouts laced with a dessert spin with […]

Craft Cocktails

Schlafly debuts its take on the classic Old Fashioned with new cocktail ale

St. Louis continues to make its mark in the growing world of craft cocktails, that are ready for consumption. Today, Schlafly Beer announced the final release of it’s St. Louis Crafted Cocktail series for 2019, […]