Do you have a go-to beer?  You need one

Do you have a go-to beer? You need one

Last week, I ventured down the stairs, the wood creaking beneath my feet.  I reached the bottom of the stairs, careful not to knock the exposed light bulb with my noggin.  I quickly turn to the left at the bottom and there, just 20 feet away is my new, antique beer fridge.

I love my beer fridge.

Right now I can’t wait to open the door and bend over slightly to figure out which beer will that night’s writing brew.  On this night, I was feeling indecisive, which is an emotion that beer lovers know well.  “What will I have?  I often run into this indecisiveness when at any of my favorite bottle shop. I know that variety is the spice of life, and I may be guilty of having a bit too much in that fridge. But on this night, I nothing looked just right.  Then, with a glance to the door, I saw it.  A Deschutes Fresh Squeeze IPA.

It’s one of my go-to beers.

I love this beer. I’ve tried a lot of IPAs, but this one, for me, is the definition of balance.  It’s as good a beer as I’ve had, and it’s not one that breaks my piggy bank.

So I posted this picture, and asked folks all over, including some St. Louis’ best local brewer’s – “What is your go-to beer?

Rebecca Schranz | Earthbound Brewing

My obvious go-to beer is Old Chub from Oskar Blues. It’s malty without being too sweet, the tiniest bit smoky, and at 8% I’m good with one or two. A very close second is Two Hearted from Bells as I think it is the most well-balanced IPA on the market (especially for someone like me who doesn’t prefer an IPA any other day).

Brian Nolan | Friendship Brewing

For me, a couple of go-to beers are always Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which started my hoppy beer odyssey so many years ago, and also Bell’s Two Hearted, which solidified my membership in the IPA lover’s clubhouse.  Both are early entry beers in the craft beer boom that heavily influenced my palate and still hold up today as very solid beers in a very crowded realm of choices.

Tait Russell | Charleville Brewing

I love Citropolis from Modern and Art of Neurosis from 2nd Shift. I recently had the Red Wedding IPA from Square One which was delicious.   Nationwide though I would have to say either Modus from SKA and Dales Pale from Oskar Blues.

Lauren Pattan | Old Bakery Brewing Company

Stammtisch, the traditional German Pilsner from Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.  There is something about a crisp, well-balanced pilsner that can satisfy any day of the year, regardless of the weather.  It is sweet and grainy enough to provide comfort in the winter, crisp enough to enjoy on a hot summer day, and hoppy enough to keep my palate interested.

Rob Abell | Ferguson Brewing Company

Avery’s The Reverend: Best American-made Quad I’ve had. Perfect beer to have at the end of a long day and it’s always on the shelves.

Steve Albers | Center Ice Brewing

If I had a GoTo, it’d have to be Citywide by 4 Hands.  It’s a solid American Pale Ale that screams St. Louis City all over it.  I love the branding of the City of St. Louis flag, the recommended pairings of T-Ravs and Pork Steaks, and especially the fact that they give a portion of the sales to local charities…just all around brilliant.