4 Hands unveils “Brewery Fresh” Incarnation IPA in new cans

4 Hands unveils “Brewery Fresh” Incarnation IPA in new cans

I learned a new beer term this week, “Brewery Fresh.” This as 4 Hands Brewing announced it was releasing Brewery Fresh cases and kegs of its popular Mosaic-hopped IPA, Incarnation.

So, just what does it mean to make and drink “Brewery Fresh” beer?

“Brewery fresh” is a commitment to delivering beer in its freshest state, emphasizing the immediate connection between the brewery and the consumer,” said 4 Hands Brewing’s Digital Marketing Manager and Brand Ambassador Jeremy Danner, “Brewery fresh” in the context of Incarnation IPA means that all kegs and cases were delivered to stores and bars within 24 hours of being packaged at the brewery.”

“Brewery Fresh” Incarnation began appearing on store shelves and draft walls around St. Louis this past week.

Brewery Fresh Incarnation IPA

For hop-forward beers like Incarnation IPA, the freshness is crucial, as hops are the first elements to diminish as the beer ages. This ensures that beer lovers receive a remarkably fresh version of Incarnation, allowing the Mosaic hops to shine with their candied citrus and blueberry goodness.

“It’s super easy to always have the freshest beer available, but it gets complicated when you’re distributing beer that soon after packaging,” said Danner. “It required quite the collaboration with our distributor partner, Breakthru Beverage, to make sure all kegs and cans were delivered at the peak of freshness.”

Danner advises consumers to follow the same guidance given for most beers – “Drink up!” Since hop-forward beers like Incarnation IPA are not typically aged, there’s not much of a different approach for consumers.

New look for Incarnation

Along with the “Brewery Fresh” beer, consumers will also notice a new look and size for Incarnation, which will now be available in 16 oz. cans.

“We believe in releasing beer that’s ready to drink so I think all our beers should be enjoyed as close to “brewery fresh” as possible. Sure, beers like Madagascar and its variants are sturdy enough to handle some aging, but again, we’ve already done the work of aging the beer for consumers, so we encourage folks to taste the beer before deciding to cellar/age it,” said Danner.

Where to find Brewery Fresh Incarnation 

Find Brewery Fresh Incarnation kegs at the following spots:

    • 1356 Public House
    • 5 Star Burgers
    • Amsterdam Tavern
    • Barrels Taphouse
    • Basso
    • BeerBBQ Shop St. Peters
    • Beer Sauce Shop Ballwin
    • Beer Sauce Shop Sunset Hills
    • Black Sheep
    • The Blue Duck
    • Bootleggin’ Tavern
    • Boogaloo
    • Brothers Beer & Bourbon Lounge
    • Circle 7 Ballwin
    • Circle 7 Des Peres
    • City Park Grill
    • Colombos Cafe & Tavern
    • Crafty Chameleon
    • The Dive
    • EdgeWild
    • Elm Taphouse
    • Fallons
    • Global Brew Tap House
    • The Gramophone
    • Handlebar
    • iTap Delmar
    • iTap Soulard
    • Llewelyn’s Pub Webster Groves
    • Mac’s Local Eats
    • Mellow Mushroom Cottleville
    • Mellow Mushroom Sunset Hills
    • Nick’s Pub
    • Platypus
    • The Royale
    • StackHouse Pub & Grill
    • Tamm Avenue
    • Tapped
    • Three Kings Public House
    • Tower Pub
    • Up-Down

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