Skipping fall never has been more fun thanks to new winter beers from Schlafly

Skipping fall never has been more fun thanks to new winter beers from Schlafly

Once again St. Louis has seemed to skip the season of fall and has just jumped to winter. Which, means it’s a great time to welcome a new set of winter beers. I always think of a winter beer as a ‘winter warmer’ – something that puts a little heat in your belly on a cold winter day. I guess Schlafly Beer feels the same, as they’re calling their newest variety 12 pack, the “Winter Warm-Up.”

The new seasonal release, which is available now, features three exclusive stouts: the returning Mexican Chocolate Stout,  Raspberry Coffee Stout, and Irish Cream Stout.

Winter Beers

  • Raspberry Coffee Stout (ABV: 5.7%): Like opening a fresh bag of coffee, but better because it’s beer. Opulent aromas of coffee and raspberry blend together with a flavor that only comes from real coffee and real raspberries in the fermentation process.

  • Mexican Chocolate Stout (ABV: 6%): A classic American stout based on the Mexican-style hot chocolate. Rich and roasted cocoa provides a sweet and creamy base for the cinnamon to sizzle.

  • Irish Cream Stout (ABV: 6%): The boldness of rich barley and the smooth creaminess of lactose combine as the caramel and vanilla keep balance while whiskey undertones provide a fiery flavor.

“Each year, people look forward to seeing what stout flavors will make our winter release,” says Schlafly CEO, Fran Caradonna. “We listen to consumer requests, and our popular Stout & Oyster Festival in March is a fun way to test out new stouts from our creative brewing team. Festival attendees get to be a part of the process to help us curate what stouts are considered for a winter pack, and this year, we opted for three approachable but toasty stouts for the winter months. Now we can enjoy them again for the winter.”

The “winning” selections featured in the Winter Warm Up sampler are determined by the crowd favorites at Schlafly’s annual Stout & Oyster Festival. Schlafly brews ten specialty stouts for the annual March festival, which are served as “tasting tacos” for guests. The Irish Cream Stout and Raspberry Coffee Stout were this year’s standouts.

To be a part of deciding next year’s winter pack, visit Schlafly’s Stout & Oyster Festival at the Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust St.) on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23. Schlafly flies in 80,000 oysters and all-star shuckers from both coasts for one of the largest oyster festivals in the country. The brewing team will again offer new, unique specialty stouts for sampling and consideration for next year’s sampler pack.

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