Bluewood releases its first kettle sour

Bluewood releases its first kettle sour

Sour beers have quietly become, what I’ll call the anti-IPAs. Where I see beer lovers and casual beer drinkers have very definitive opinions on IPAs, sours are bridging the gap and are becoming a beer that many can agree on. Beer “people” like me love the complexity of the flavors, while casual drinkers like sours because “it doesn’t taste like beer.” I’ve found that to mean, it’s not bitter or hoppy like an IPA.

Clean, drinkable sours are becoming the beer of summer for many, and there is a new one that fits that description now available in St. Louis.

Raspberry Hop Tart | 5% ABV

The latest release from Bluewood Brewing in South St. Louis is their first attempt at kettle souring, and just as you would expect from the name, this beer which is the first in their new Hop Tart series, is modeled on the classic breakfast favorite.

“Up until now, we have done souring directly in wine barrels after fermentation. The Hop Tart series is the first series where the souring comes prior to the typical ale fermentation schedule,” said Bluewood owner Cam Lund.

Tasting Notes

Raspberry Hop Tart, pours a nice Ruby red and is crystal clear, with plenty of carbonization present. A think foamy head will hold for a few seconds before dissipating.

On the nose, you’ll get a good dose of berry, sort of jammy yet acidic, with a light floral touch.

On the sip, you’ll get a full-on clean blast of raspberry, but look for a bit of lactose as well, thanks to the addition of graham crackers to this kettle sour for a subtle pastry finish. The flavor is robust, but settles quickly in back, providing a really nice, drinkable sour that wants to be gulped, not sipped.

Can Art

The artwork, like the flavor, represents the burst of fruit you will find. The work was created by Brooks Engel of Nowhere Land Supply a freelance designer based out of Denver, Colorado. Each label will have different color schemes associated with each rendition’s ingredients.

Raspberry Hop Tart is now availableĀ in cans and on draft in the taproom!

Bluewood Brewing
1821 Cherokee St
Saint Louis, Missouri 63118
(314) 261-4079
[email protected]

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