Alpha Brewing Co.’s Sipster Club takes center stage with ‘I Have The Sipster’ release!”

Alpha Brewing Co.’s Sipster Club takes center stage with ‘I Have The Sipster’ release!”

For decades, mug clubs have been a great way for breweries to connect directly with their customers, offering exclusivity through enticing deals and rewards in exchange for unwavering support. At Alpha Brewing Co. in South St. Louis, the brewery’s latest release is a tribute to the members of its Sipster Club.

“People can sign up for $25 for life,” explained Derrick Langeneckert, Managing Partner at Alpha. “Members enjoy half-off beers on Mondays and have the chance to earn cool prizes. We wanted to cultivate a mug club that wasn’t just about acquiring a mug, but rather about active engagement and participation.”

Upon reaching the noteworthy milestone of consuming 250 beers within the Sipster Club, members earn their coveted mug, with over 100 patrons achieving this honor to date. To commemorate the club’s years of loyal patronage, Alpha Brewing Co. unveils its latest creation: “I Have The Sipster.”

“I Have The Sipster”

“I Have the Sipster” (5%ABV / 35 IBU) is an American Pale Ale.

This beer presents with a straw-yellow hue that catches the eye. Upon first whiff, the aroma is a delightful bouquet of bright citrusy and fruity notes. On the palate, the flavor unfolds smoothly. Expect a light and airy mouthfeel that invites another sip. Crafted with care, this brew boasts a blend of Proximity 2Row Brewers Barley, flaked oats, and a harmonious infusion of Citra and McKenzie hops, all fermented with 1056 Yeast, ensuring a distinctive taste.

This beer’s release is today, April 1.

“We are also releasing special cans with flat top lids that must be opened with a church key and an April Fools Day Spoof Commercial on April 1st,” said Langeneckert.

How to open a beer with a ‘Church Key’ 

In modern times, cracking open a can of beer is as easy as pulling a tab, but the original flat-top beer cans had a more intricate opening process. With the church key, drinkers would puncture a triangular hole at the top of the can to sip from, while also creating a smaller hole on the opposite side to allow air in, ensuring a smooth pour.

For those unfamiliar with the art of opening a beer with a church key, fear not. The April Fools Spoof video offers a lighthearted tutorial, ensuring even the most inexperienced imbiber can partake in the fun.

Label Art

The art for “I Have The Sipster” was created by Isaac Etteroth.

“He’s a fantastic local artist who is also the frontman and vocalist in the band ‘This Is Falling,'” said Langeneckert. “We also collaborated on a Mango Blonde Ale with the band for their release of a new music video.

Alpha Brewing Company

4310 Fyler Ave, St. Louis, MO 63116

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