Billy Busch, Urban Chestnut partnering up, releasing two new beers

Billy Busch, Urban Chestnut partnering up, releasing two new beers

The Busch name is iconic in the annals of beer history in St. Louis. Many equate it with macro brewing, but lest we forget that many in the local craft brewing community have ties AB in more ways than one. One local brewer even worked there.

After years of studying brewing in Europe, Urban Chestnut Brewmaster Florian Kuplent came to St. Louis and worked at Anheuser-Busch, Inc., learning many of the aspects of the brewing business that A-B is most respected for across the industry: batch consistency, quality assurance, and yeast propagation.

During this time at A-B, Florian was also given free rein to experiment with new ingredients and different recipes at the brewery’s experimental microbrewery, which was where he created a series of award-winning craft-style beers under the well-known Michelob brand.

Now, Kuplent and his brewery have come full circle thanks to a new partnership with Billy Busch and his Busch Family Brewing & Distilling.

Two New Beers

Busch and UCBC are partnering to create two new beers. Adolphus German Style Pilsner and Gussie Bavarian Lager are now available at select pubs and restaurants in the St. Louis area. The beers will be brewed at Urban Chestnut with Josh Hearst, the head brewer of Busch Family Brewing & Distilling, overseeing production.

Adolphus Pilsner is crafted with a keen eye on the traditional German technique of decoction. Decoction is when a portion of the mash is pulled off, boiled in another vessel, and then mixed back into the mash. This process accentuates the pilsner malt character. Rather than the water cracker characteristic it typically lends to a beer, it takes on more of a bread crust aspect in addition to darkening the wort and final beer. Adolphus Pilsner is made with German noble hops which lend a gentle floral, woodsy character. A lager yeast that accentuates the malt sweetness is used and the beer is allowed to clarify naturally over time.

Gussie Bavarian is a clean and smooth lager. It boasts a balance between the deep malt flavors and the hop bitterness. Hop character is restrained herbal, spicy, floral notes. This tasty brew pairs well with foods where it can cut through spice heat or fat (i.e., hamburger, cheese). It’s an ideal accompaniment for cheese dishes, especially ones with Colby. It works well as a counter to acidic foods.

“My family and I are carrying on the tradition of brewing some of the finest beers in the country,” says Billy Busch, owner and founder, along with his family, of Busch Family Brewing and Distilling.  “As you may have guessed, Adolphus Pilsner is in honor of my great grandfather, and Gussie Pilsner is an homage to my dad.” He continues, “we’re excited about the future and are eager to introduce more brands.”

Beer lovers can now enjoy the inaugural brews at the following eateries and pubs, with more locations being added daily.

  • BeerSauce Shops (Creve Coeur & Sunset Hills)
  • Craft Eats and Drinks
  • Café Napoli
  • Café Telegraph
  • Culpepper’s
  • Hessler’s Pub & Grill
  • Mike Duffy’s Pub and Grill (Richmond Heights)
  • Sam’s Steakhouse
  • Sportsman’s Park
  • Tompkins Riverside
  • Tucker’s Place (Soulard and West)

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