32 Missouri breweries team up for new collaboration beer

32 Missouri breweries team up for new collaboration beer

I’ve asked dozens of brewers and brewery owners, what they like most about owning a brewery and brewing beer? The answers vary, but one common theme throughout is that they believe brewing creates community, that while brewing they are never alone, and a unique form of comradeship develops. It’s just such a comradeship that has brought together so many Missouri brewers and associates to create another super Missouri-style collaboration called “Missouri Loves Company.”

Missouri Loves Company

32 brewers from across the Show-Me State came together at Kansas City Bier Company in mid-April to brew the recipe they developed together via video conferencing. The brewer’s vote on what style they want to brew and then work with their Allied Trade partners on securing ingredients and supplies.

“The experience gives our brewers the opportunity to experiment with new ingredients and collectively see how they will work in a recipe before they decide to use them in their own breweries,” according to the Missouri Craft Beer Guild website.

Missouri Loves Company is now available

On Wednesday, the latest iteration of Missouri Loves Company® collaboration beer is being released. This year’s beer is a 7.5% ABV, 40 IBU, dry-hopped Imperial Pilsner.

Brewed with all European ingredients, this full-flavored imperial pilsner has a balanced, honey malt flavor and a crisp, delicately bitter finish. After spending nearly two months conditioning in a lager tank, the beer was dry-hopped with German-grown Saphir, adding lightly spicy and floral aromas to the nose.

You can pick up a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles of ​Missouri Loves Company® Dry-hopped Imperial Pilsner at any of these participating breweries in and around St. Louis.


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