Two new Remus whiskey’s to be released in November

I’ve had a lifetime fascination with bootleggers. I think it dates back to college, whereas a bartender in Tucson, Arizona, I met and served Bill Bonanno, son of the Bonnano crime family patriarch.  That was […]


Craft Beer market continues to soar, and here’s why

Not that I’m making any money off craft beer, but apparently many others are. According to a new report put out by Allied Market Research, the global craft beer industry earned $108.91 billion in 2018, and is […]


Hoppy Anniversary!! MacKenzie Brewing turns 1 today!

On the heels of the recent closing of a young up-and-coming brewery, it’s a blessing to be able to say, “Happy First Anniversary” to MacKenzie Brewing. The journey to the first pours for Mackenzie began […]