Deep Sleep Brewing’s newest hazy IPA should hit cans next month

Deep Sleep Brewing’s newest hazy IPA should hit cans next month

Deep Sleep Brewing’s newest hazy IPA should hit cans next month

Based in Washington, Missouri, Deep Sleep Brewing is indeed a brewery, but one without a tap room.

Owner Nick Lyons is a nurse anesthetist with a passion for brewing craft beer.  A nurse anesthetist is an advanced nurse who administers anesthetics in all practice settings and provides care for all operations or procedures. In essence, Lyons is responsible for making sure patients in his care, as well as the fans of his brewing, enjoy “deep sleep.”

Now, Lyons is getting ready to release a beer that is creating a bit of buzz for the brewer, Patrick’s Feeling Hazy.

Deep Sleep Brewing’s ‘Patrick’s Feeling Hazy’

Earlier this year, Lyons was having some beers with a friend and home brewer named Patrick. Patrick is into homebrewing Hazy IPAs, and the two decided to try one for Deep Sleep. The team made a 2 bbl batch back in May and it sold out in one day. Now, we’re waiting on a new 10 bbl batch, with plans for canning in the first week of August.

“I feel like this beer has a perfect balance of everything that’s important in a hazy,” said Lyons. “Great mouthfeel and haziness from the grain bill including malted oats, flaked oats, and flaked wheat.”

The hop combination of Mosaic, Eldorado, and Idaho 7 hops gives this beer a nice aroma of strong citrus, especially grapefruit aroma. It has a low overall bitterness and great balance throughout making it very drinkable.

“Patrick is an amazing homebrewer,” said Lyons. His day job is an auto mechanic that he has done for 13 years.  I think it’s important to highlight and give acknowledgment to the homebrewers that can make first class beers. You don’t have to own a brewery to make fantastic beers.

Tasting Notes

On The Pour: It pours golden in color with a moderate amount of head.  It has a classic Hazy “Juice” appearance

The Nose: The aroma is almost overwhelming! Strong notes of citrus, especially grapefruit

On The Taste: Citrus notes are very strong, but well balanced with the maltiness and full body mouthfeel. We’re really happy with how this Hazy turned out with the first batch.  It is very palatable and refreshing.

Where You’ll Find It 

Deep Sleep is planning for canning this upcoming batch the first week of august. It should be available at all BeerSauce Locations, Friar Tuck locations, Craft Beer Cellar locations, Wine And Cheese, Total Wine Stores, and Chillax for St. Louis and St. Charles County. Country Living General Store, Labadie General Store, T’s Liquor, The Nest, Captain 1 Liquor stores, for Franklin County.

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Deep Sleep Brewing’s newest hazy IPA should hit cans next month