Crown Valley releases new cider, more coming

Crown Valley releases new cider, more coming

If you have not driven the rolling roads of Ste. Genevieve during a warm summer Missouri night, you’re missing out. When I do take the drive, Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling Company™ is usually my first stop. Crown Valley has a 15 barrel brewhouse where beer, spirits and hard cider are expertly crafted. This week, a new cider, Blueberry debuted.

“With the popularity of our current ciders, we wanted to expand the line,” said Mandi Jones, Marketing, Retail & Lodging Manager. “While there are other blueberry ciders in the market, the flavor isn’t commonly found on the shelves in our area. We wanted to add a flavor that was lighter than our others, mixing the bite cider lovers want with the subtle offset in the fruity finish.”

While full of flavor, this blueberry cider is one that is less sweet than our others you may have tried, making it easy to drink and very refreshing.  For now, it’s only available on tap at Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling and Spokes Pub & Grill. But, look for Blueberry Cider to be distributed soon in a cider variey pack that includes Blackberry, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade and Blueberry ciders as well, later this fall.

Tasting Notes

  • How does it pour and appear at first glance –  Medium to light red-violet hue, with light foam and little residual head
  • Bouquet on the nose – Fruity, light sweetness and bursting with blueberry
  • Flavors can we expect – Blueberry with a light tartness and a hint of sweetness with a finish that highlights the apple cider base

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Crown Valley releases new cider, more coming