5 questions with the Boujee Beer Moms

5 questions with the Boujee Beer Moms

You know what the top Instagram topic is?  Food. Or Food porn, as it’s often described.

You know what the second most popular topic is? Beer. Yes, to many of us beer might seem less thrilling than a cheese-smothered burger or gushing egg yolk, but that Drink314 pint glass brimming with visual potential—is very enticing.

As the craft beer scene continues to accelerate, so do the number of pictures chronicling the dizzying array of breweries and beers. That’s because beer is a multisensory experience, designed to engage smell, taste, touch, and sight, from label to liquid. “The glassware, the labels and the glowing yellow, copper, and amber colors of the sun hitting the side of a glass of beer feel more like a still-life painting than a snapshot of your lunch,” says Good Beer Hunting’s Michael Kiser.

I don’t consider myself a beer Instagrammer, yet. But, I do support many of my fellow St. Louis beer lovers who have taken to the ‘gram’ and are looking to make a dent.

The Boujee Beer Moms


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I first noticed the Boujee Beer Moms, a few months ago, and was thrilled to see that they were both from St. Louis. On their Insta page, @boujeebeermoms they say they are “Two moms who love craft beer (boujee craft beer) and telling people what we think ? STL?”

Well, they are doing just that. The Boujee Beer Mom’s are Christina and Ashley. Ashley, just happens to be the co-owner of Chillax Tap & Co., along with her husband Archie and Christina is a professional photographer, who also tends the beer bar at Chillax. They know there stuff.

I recently got to ask Christine 5 questions.

5 questions with the Boujee Beer Moms

You make it clear, you’re both moms. How old are your kids. 
I have 2 elementary aged girls and Ashley has a boy the same age as my youngest.

What do you each love most about craft beer?
I love that craft beer is equally chemistry and art! I love all the choices there are now. Ashley appreciates the risks brewers take with their recipes.

Why did you decide to start an IG account and take pics with beer?

Ashley noticed that there weren’t many female-led beer blogs in our area, and even less that were run by moms. We felt it was a niche that could bring even more people into the beer scene!

Why “Boujee”?
“Boujee” in the way that we use it means “upwardly mobile; higher class”. It’s tongue-in-cheek: the beer we like is fancy and boujee!

Why should folks follow your account?
We would love for anyone who follows our account to feel like they are seeing two genuine women with honest content! Maybe a few funny stories here and there, and definitely strong camaraderie. I know we want to make new friendships with other craft beer-loving ladies out of this experience, too. <3

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