Modern Brewing wasting no time releasing 2nd edition of “Flavor Wave Island”

Modern wasting no time releasing 2nd edition of “Flavor Wave Island”

Two beer releases in a week? Count me in.

It wasn’t more than 24 hours ago, that I posted this on Instagram.


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I picked up the first edition of “Flavor Wave Island” and Brunching in Overwater Bungalows | 5.5% Alc. / Vol. last weekend, and spent past few days enjoying the heck out of them. Now, 7 days later, Modern Brewing won’t let me rest, releasing the Second Edition of “Flavor Wave Island” and “Ocean View Suite | 5.5% Alc. / Vol.

“This beer is designed to take you to your favorite digs, where the wind rustles the lace curtains with the sliding door wide open. And gives you that taste of the ultimate luxury vacation,” writes the brewery on social media. And then they continue:

Spending the night, with the door ajar, ceiling fan on, while your listening to the surf break over a pink sand beach… the morning breaks with “those people” trying to get a #FullDay in… you wake up slow, and check what’s on the room service menu… you’re in no rush… let the day come to YOU! You’re in the #OceanViewSuite afterall. It’s time to relax, unwind, and turn off notifications on that damn cell phone. Screw it, toss it off your balcony! You’re the boss for the next 5 nights and 6 days.

This edition will feature strong notes of Pineapple, Pink Guava, Passionfruit, Mango, & Banana.  The beer is available for purchase online for pick up starting Thursday.

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Modern Brewing wasting no time releasing 2nd edition of “Flavor Wave Island”