Rocco’s Power Hop can, beer is Main & Mill’s lastest work of art

Rocco’s Power Hop can, beer is Main & Mill’s lastest work of art

Last year, Main & Mill Brewing Co. began its Artist Spotlight Series, based on the brewing team’s love of nostalgic movies, games, books, music—”whatever makes you think of growing up when things seemed much easier,” said the owner and head brewer Denny Foster.

They wanted to bring nostalgic-driven fun to their labels in a way that allows the artists to pick the muses. “Our process has been pretty simple,” explains Foster. “We want to use what they create and inspire a beer that we feel fits that label as perfectly as possible.”

The initiative kicked off with the Rocco Seriesfeaturing Boston-based artist Joe Dellagatta, whose goal was to create designs riffing on some of his favorite games as a kid. Now DellaGatta (@joe_dellagatta), is back with his latest work for Rocco’s Power Hop. 

This 8% ABV Double Milkshake IPA is brewed with peaches, apricots, vanilla, Trident hops, and lactose. On the nose you get a loaded whiff of fresh peach aroma and flavor that leads into vanilla and citrus, giving a nice balance between IPA and fruit. Brewed with oats for mouthfeel, lactose for some added creaminess, and vanilla to tie it all together.

Rocco is getting his chance to shine once again!! Order yours online.

Don’t Forget About Jaws

The relase of Rocco’s Power Hop, comes just weeks after the release from artist Andrew Krahnke, (@AndrewKrahnke), out of Long Island, NY.

Panic On The 4th of July ??? 8.0% ABV, is an American wheat beer fermented on Meyer lemons with fresh lemon zest. The beer is \bright and exhilarating with just enough juicy lemon to be assertive while remaining balanced. The shark to your buddy’s light domestic barracuda. You yell BARRACUDA and everybodys like ‘Huh?’ You yell SHARK and we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July. Check ahead to see if this beer is also still available online.

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