Modern Brewing releases new kettle sour and sour IPA

Modern Brewing releases new kettle sour and sour IPA

Have you been noticing how much good beer, The Modern Brewing Company has been putting out lately? They have been on fire, and I’ve been really enjoying it all, especially when it comes to the continued brewing of their kettle sours.

This week, Modern Brewing has two new releases to share, both available for online ordering.

Brunching in Overwater Bungalows | 5.5% Alc. / Vol.

For the first release of the Modern’s new “Flavor Wave Island” series, the brewery paired back up with one of their favorite artists, #SmoothieArtist, @ghostsignals to draw up an original art piece for the series.  “Brunching in Overwater Bungalows” is designed to take you to a far off Island, say, Tahiti or the Maldives and give you that taste of the ultimate luxury vacation.

“Spending the night over the clearest of blue waters in a kickass hut with an outdoor shower and plunge pool… with your favorite person… and then waking up to a delicious breakfast to eat at your little cafe table on the decking, watching the sun come up, the birds play, and the fish swim,” is how how brewery described the beer on social media.

#THIS is the bevvy that would perfectly accompany your favorite omelette, fruit, coffee and toast. #SLAMMED with Orange, Tangerine, & Mango, #FWIBIOB will take you there.. wherever “there” is for you.”

Oops! All Wai-Iti | 7% Alc. / Vol.

For the second release, For Oops! All Wai-iIti, Modern decided it was time to dabble around a bit with the single hopped IPAs, and throw a little playful summertime vibe action into the mix.

“We have been curious about the thought of using the New Zealand grown Wai-Iti hop for a long time and this sour IPA series presented the perfect opportunity to see what it’s made of,” wrote the brewery.

Wai-Iti as a hops, is marketed as lush, frangrant, with dominant notes of stone fruit with pleasantly intense citric tones of lime and mandarin.

“In our tasting, we experienced massive flavors and aromas of overripe peach, apricot, nectarine with an aggressive, but not overbearing, acidity, which enhances the stone fruit of this Hop! Crispy, Juicy, Tar. This screams summer IPA.”

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