The story behind Two Plumbers’ Strawberry Pauline

The story behind Two Plumbers’ Strawberry Pauline

The story behind Two Plumbers’ Strawberry Pauline

Remember those nights hanging out at the roller rink, or the mall arcade, or anywhere where you pumped quarters into the neighborhood Pac Man or Asteroids video game?   Back in the early 80s, we were too young to play those games and drink beer. Now, we can drink beer, but most of the games are nearly gone. Except for the ones salvaged, rebuilt and now on display inside the Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade in St. Charles County.

And, don’t forget the beer. Never forget the beer.

The story of Strawberry Pauline

According to Two Plumbers’ lore, the origin story of this beer will go down in infamy as one of the blandest creation stories in history.

Seriously, Strawberry Pauline was kind of a happy accident. One day Robert Schowengerdt and John Simon were sitting around the brewery on a hot afternoon enjoying a refreshing pint of their signature ale, Pauline.

“We were sitting next to a box of fruit purees and John decided to see how it would taste with some mixed in. We tried a few and they were OK but the strawberry slapped our tastebuds and demanded attention. Just like that, a summer legend was born,” said Schowengerdt.

Schowengerdt describes this beer as smooth, easy-drinking, not too sweet, strawberry ale.

“We had actually been planning to can the beer this year but demand came back faster than we expected,” said Schowengerdt. “Now that people are getting vaxed and back out in society, we need to catch up and hope to can soon. Good problems as they say.”

And while the name speaks for itself, there is a story behind this beer’s base. The name Pauline comes from the game Donkey Kong. Pauline is the damsel-in-distress Mario is attempting to save. Though she didn’t get a name until the cartoon. In the game, she is just called Lady.

Strawberry Pauline is on tap and will go until we run out of it. Like all our beers, it’s only available in their incredibly rad arcade taproom in St. Charles. They do sell 16oz crowlers and sell/refill growlers if anyone wants it to go.

Tasting Notes

  1.  The beer pours a clear, honeyed golden color with a touch of strawberry red in the body, and a white head.
  2. Aromas of honey and wild strawberry join floral aromas from the hops.
  3. Malty sweet, with notes of honey and wild strawberries. Clean and slightly dry on the finish.

The story behind Two Plumbers’ Strawberry Pauline

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