2nd Shift’s new collab Reign Or Shine now available

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2nd Shift’s new collab Reign Or Shine now available

Reign Or Shine is a release that carries with it heavy significance. Brewed in collaboration with Blaq&soul, 2nd Shift Brewing, Queer Brewing and Rock Leopard Brewing it intends to show solidarity with the Black trans community.

The beer is now available in St. Louis at the 2nd Shift brewery or online store.

“From concept to reality, this has been something we’re extremely passionate about,” wrote the brewery on social media. “We can’t hype this project up enough!”

Reign Or Shine is being called a tropical Stout, with a complex malt bill that creates a juicy blend of fruitiness with rich chocolate notes.

All proceeds go to support the Trans Women of Color Collective

“By working with BlaQ & Soul on this project, we hope to be able to raise awareness of their struggle and raise money that can contribute directly to helping them reign or shine,” writes the brewery.

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2nd Shift’s new collab Reign Or Shine now available

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