Dierberg’s now offering a ready-to-drink margarita in stores

Dierberg’s now offering a ready-to-drink margarita in stores

One of our favorite spots on Washington Avenue, in downtown St. Louis, is Rosalita’s Cantina. They have not only great grub, but I’ve been of fan of their margaritas for some time. I guess others like them as well because Rosalitia’s is partnering with Dierbergs Markets to create a new addition to their exclusive lineup of products: their house-recipe margarita.

The new margarita is ready-to-drink, locally made and bottled, and crafted with premium ingredients. You can bring the fiesta home, available in a 1.75ml bottle.

“For over a year, we’ve been working hard to get this on our shelves,” said Greg Dierberg, CEO. “Developing this margarita has been a labor of love: countless taste tests, approvals from the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco, supply chain issues; you name it, we experienced that hurdle. This product is curated specifically for our customers. We know they will love it and are so proud to share it with them!”

The new margarita joins a lineup of other products from Rosalita’s: house-made chips, creamy queso, fresh salsa, and their popular jalapeño ranchero dip.

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