Buzz begins over new Blond honey beer from Sandy Valley

Buzz begins over new Blond honey beer from Sandy Valley

Beer is not exempt from the sweetness that honey can bring to life.  In fact, beer and honey have been in ‘collaboration’ for years. And in recent years, more breweries and restaurants have begun raising their own hives to ensure a constant flow of the sweet nectar to be used in any creative way.

Meet Ulmo

This week Sandy Valley, the small-batch experimental brewery located at Villa Antonio Winery in Hillsboro, MO. announced the release of their new Blonde Ale brewed with Chilean Ulmo honey.

“From pollination to the pint, this beer had a long journey to creation. We’d like to thank the bees, beekeepers, and our friend Brian at for making this beer possible,” wrote the brewery on Instagram.

Ulmo is a crisp Blonde Ale with honey added in the whirlpool and at the peak of fermentation. Everything you smell in this beer is from the amazingly impactful Chilean Ulmo honey. Expect notes of jasmine, citrus peel, honeysuckle, and a lingering honey flavor that builds as you drink.

“Pollinators make the world as we know it possible. This beer is the start of our homage to them in a long line of honey beers to come. Expect to see beers brewed with other kinds of honey, both familiar and exotic, in the near future. 🐝🍻,” wrote the brewery.

Finding Sandy Valley

Sandy Valley Brewing Co.
3660 Linhorst Rd Hillsboro, MO 63050
Ph: (636) 475-5008  e: [email protected]

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