Missouri Beer to release new Cookies and Cream BBA stout

In the past few weeks, I’ve written about the uptick in pastry stouts: Old Bakery Beer Co. debuts new pastry inspired brown ale Charleville’s latest allows you to have your cake and drink it too […]


Two new Remus whiskey’s to be released in November

I’ve had a lifetime fascination with bootleggers. I think it dates back to college, whereas a bartender in Tucson, Arizona, I met and served Bill Bonanno, son of the Bonnano crime family patriarch.  That was […]

New Releases

New Mezcal coming To St. Louis

Author Jay Schroeder said, “You’re not going to read a book on Mezcal, cover-to-cover, and three hours later be woke and understand mezcal. It’s not going to happen. Mezcal, as a category, is unknowable. It […]

Today On Tavour

Big, burly bourbon barrel brew now available online

Drink314 is proud to announce a new partnership with the beer app Tavour. Tavour makes it possible to access and discover the highest-rated craft beers from all over the world through a mobile app experience. […]


Baker’s Bourbon begins anew as a single barrel

I often get asked, what is the difference between a “single barrel” whiskey and a “small-batch” whiskey. The basic differences are in the definitions. A “small batch” whiskey is one that is made from a […]


Public House Brewing getting giddy with new coffee milk stout release

Coffee stouts, especially well-crafted, well-balanced coffee stouts are the things beer lovers long for as the calendar moves into fall and eventually winter. They’re the beers that we sip by the fire, at the tailgate […]


Scotland’s Clan Brewing beer has arrived in St. Louis

St. Louis fans of Scottish craft beer are in for some good drinking ahead. Scottish craft beer brewer Clan Brewing announced this past summer that it had struck a distribution deal with Indiana-headquartered Copper Mountain Beverage […]