New Releases

Wood Hat announces release date for their first ‘Missouri Bourbon’

Wood Hat releasing their first ‘Missouri Bourbon’ It goes without saying, that when anyone thinks of American whiskey, or more specifically where it comes from, they think of Tennessee and Kentucky.  But, that is all […]

You now have more opportunities to sample new experimental whiskeys.
New Releases

StilL 630 announces Third Fridays whiskey tastings

You now have more opportunities to sample new experimental whiskeys. “I’m interested in the most authentic flavor expressions I can create.  I want to carefully nurture and highlight the flavors that come from their actual […]


Michter’s Distillery releasing new 20 year bourbon

My first taste of Michter‘s was a glass poured neat from a bottle of US1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon at a bar in Kansas City. I was just getting back into whiskey following a nice run […]


Gamlin Whiskey House releases whiskey Advent Calendar

To advent or not to advent. That is the question, I’m guessing millions are asking as this popular method of drinking beer, whiskey, and wine continue to grow in popularity. The Advent calendar counts down […]

Drink Tourism

Jim Beam opening stillhouse for rent on Airbnb

I have only used Airbnb one time. In the spring of 2018, we traveled to Jupiter, Florida for the Cardinals Spring Training, and found a very affordable Airbnb option. Aside from the lack of furniture, […]


Two new Remus whiskey’s to be released in November

I’ve had a lifetime fascination with bootleggers. I think it dates back to college, whereas a bartender in Tucson, Arizona, I met and served Bill Bonanno, son of the Bonnano crime family patriarch.  That was […]


Baker’s Bourbon begins anew as a single barrel

I often get asked, what is the difference between a “single barrel” whiskey and a “small-batch” whiskey. The basic differences are in the definitions. A “small batch” whiskey is one that is made from a […]