Alpha Brewing, StilL 630 collab for dual beer, whiskey release

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Alpha Brewing, StilL 630 collab for dual beer, whiskey release

I love beer. I especially love beer with a story. That is why I created the Beerography series. Telling the story about the beer, to me, makes enjoying the beer even more fun.

Next week, Alpha Brewing Company will debut the latest incarnation of its annual, I Do Brew, beer, with quite a story behind it.

The Backstory

Head brewer Derrick Langeneckert and his wife Danielle got married the year after the brewery opened. Since then, the Langeneckert’s brew a beer for each other around the time of our anniversary, January 15th.  Danielle brews a Belgian triple called I Do Brew inspired by the style that got her into craft beer and the beer passion they share.

This Year’s Beer

This Belgian-style Tripel is brewed with orange peel and coriander and is a traditional wedding beer served in Northern Europe. I Do Brew clocks in at a big 9% ABV but is a sweet and fruity easy-drinker.

On the pour,  I Do Brew is clear amber with a white head.  On the tongue, it’s expected to be balanced, nuanced with sweet citrusy spiced ale. Expect a very clean, traditional Belgian tripel, a good warming beer in the winter that isn’t too dark or heavy.

Alpha’s Danielle Langeneckert is brewing a batch of her seasonal favorite.

New This Year 

This year’s release promises to double your fun as Alpha is partnering with David Weglarz of StilL 630 Distillery. StilL 630 has distilled a limited-run I Do Brew whiskey.

This whiskey was distilled in the spring of 2018 and has been aging for 18 months in #3 charred oak barrels. The whiskey retains many of the qualities of the beer, with a strong aroma of butterscotch and caramel as well as notes of banana and clove. The barrel gives the whiskey a smooth, round flavor and adds a touch of vanilla. I Do Brew by StilL 630 will be available to sip at the Alpha Taproom beginning January 17th!

What You Can Get

  1. For $15 you can preorder your 750ml bottle of I Do Brew Belgian Tripel.
  2. For $33 you’ll get a 750ml bottle of I Do Brew along with a 250ml bottle of I Do Brew by StilL 630!

Alpha has also saved a very limited amount of Barrel-Strength (117-proof) I Do Brew by StilL 630.

3. For $61, you can preorder a 750ml bottle of I Do Brew Belgian Tripel, a 250ml bottle of 86-                 proof I Do Brew whiskey, and a 250ml bottle of Barrel-Strength I Do Brew whiskey!

They’ll be serving up I Do Brew whiskey at the Alpha Taproom, however, take-home bottles of I Do Brew by StilL630 will ONLY be available by preorder!

You can purchase tickets to the release party here.

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Alpha Brewing, StilL 630 collab for dual beer, whiskey release

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