4 Hands re-releases Scale of Complexity, but with a new twist

4 Hands re-releases Scale of Complexity, but with a new twist

One of my favorite locally brewed New England style IPA’s or Hazy IPA’s is 4 Hands Brewing’s Scale of Complexity. Apparently, I’m not alone. 4 Hands is now adding it to its year-round portfolio, but with a bit of a twist.

The Scale of Complexity that you enjoyed last summer is back on the shelves right now, but drink up because, in 4 months, it will change.

In May, and henceforth every 4 months, 4 Hands brewers will take a look at, and change the hops for the next batch of Scale of Complexity. They will be looking at what is called the hops terroir, or the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices, and a crop’s specific growth habitat. In other words, the hops’ character.

Currently, the Hops Terrior is from the southern hemisphere and features hops from New Zealand, Galaxy, and Matoueka. Around September, the hop will change again. Right now all we know is that they will use an experimental hop from an “interesting growing region.”

To round out the year, the plan is is to use hops from the Pacific Northwest. 

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4 Hands Brewing’s Scale of Complexity

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