Peel Brewing ready to pour their new Munich Dunkel

In the season of heavy winter beers, there are still plenty of lighter beers being brewed. One that is out right now is straight out the Bavaria playbook. A Munich Dunkel is, in fact, a […]


2nd Shifts’ ‘Yippie Rye Yay’ doesn’t pay tribute to the Christmas movie you’re thinking it should

If you don’t like brew or booze, you might find my Twitter feed boring.  I don’t have a personal feed, just a Drink314 feed, which I invite you to follow if you’re inclined.  But that said, […]


Cocktails’ for a cause | Retreat Gastropub offering $1 cocktails for charity

Nothing makes a drinker feel better than knowing that the sipping we do is actually going to a good cause.  It’s like a double bonus, especially if you’re downing something really good. You will probably […]


Untappd’s #1 rated American Brown Ale is local and you can pick up a bottle today

Some people hate Untappd.  I personally love it and love the people I’ve met electronically all over the country as we toast one another and chat about beer on social media.  I also love it […]