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Bluewood releases its first kettle sour

Sour beers have quietly become, what I’ll call the anti-IPAs. Where I see beer lovers and casual beer drinkers have very definitive opinions on IPAs, sours are bridging the gap and are becoming a beer […]

New Releases

Bluewood Brewing re-releases two sweet meads

Bluewood Brewing re-releases to sweet meads Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Ancient Greeks called it “the nectar of the Gods,” descended from heaven as dew. Think wine, but instead of grapes, […]

Beers of fall
Craft Beer News

Fall Beers Part 1 | 20 beers for fall that don’t taste like pumpkin

It took a global pandemic, to knockout my favorite beer season, fall Oktoberfests. For me, the tradition of a fall celebration, featuring, beer, sausages and polka dates back to my childhood, following my father around […]


Beerography | The story behind Bluewood Brewings’ Crush

Once in a while, it happens. You’re scrolling social media, a picture or a topline attracts your attention. You stop, you give the post another look, a bit more of your attention, and then your […]

Today in Beer & Whiskey and Wine

Today in St. Louis beer for June 5

Today’s writing beer:  India Pale Lager from Schlafly Beer. Today’s writing brewery t-shirt: Urban South from New Orleans. Here is what I found today that every beer and whiskey lover in St. Louis needs to […]


3 breweries to seek out at this year’s St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival

The 12th Annual St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival is the premier showcase of the St. Louis beer scene. This festival features over 100 styles of beer from over 50 greater STL area breweries, homebrew club […]