Nine new Seussical “House Cocktails” debut at Retreat Gastropub

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You have to love the change in seasons going on around us outside. For, it means our town’s mixology experts are busy preparing to warm us all up, with new and tasty winter cocktail menus.

This post is too alert you to the new menu just released at Retreat Gastropub (2 North Sarah Street, St. Louis, MO 63108). This new cocktail menu features drinks named after a character or story in Dr. Seuss’ famed books. Count ’em, nine new Seussical “House Cocktails” inspired by the cherished stories at the modern American restaurant and bar in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood. 

Retreat Gastropub’s Dr. Seuss-themed cocktail, Duck Feet Wishes

Tim Wiggins, co-owner and beverage director, was inspired while reliving the magical world of Seuss’ stories with his one-year-old son. A family favorite, I Wish That I Had Duck Feet got Wiggins thinking about how the characters and storyline could translate into a whimsical beverage program for adults. 

“This nostalgic menu encourages guests to fall back in love with a childhood favorite book,” says Wiggins. “My wife and I read Dr. Seuss books to my son every night, and this menu reflects the hope that I have for him to carry these uplifting messages with him throughout life.” 

The bar team has a verbal rhyme for each cocktail that they can recite to guests.

For example, the Duck Feet Wishes is a rich and bright cocktail featuring Buffalo Trace bourbon shaken with allspice, cherry, lemon, Curacao and Falernum for a refreshing finish. It’s a fruity whiskey crusher that’s truly a treat, even if you “wish for duck feet”.

Other cocktails grace the menu such as the Starbelly Sneetch featuring Ford Officer’s Reserve aged gin with blanc vermouth and Bonanto aperitif, stirred up, Negroni-style with hints of salty peach bitters for an individual taste that is loved just as much as the other “star” cocktails.

Inspired by Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose, Wiggins put a spin on a classic piña colada with Moose Moss, featuring earthy notes of matcha, Genepy Des Alpes (an herbal liqueur), and smoky mezcal to compliment sweet, fruit-forward flavors of grapefruit, pineapple, coconut and lime. 

The new cocktails on Retreat’s menu include:




George Remus Bourbon, House Sweet Vermouth, Popcorn amaro, Walnut Oil



Ford’s Officer’s Reserve, Bonanto Aperitif, Blanc Vermouth, Salty Peach Bitters



Madre Mezcal, Genepy Des Alps, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Matcha, Coconut, Lime



Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Cherry, Falernum, Allspice, Curacao, Lemon



Probitas Rum, Pimento Dram, Curacao, White Wine, Orange, Lemon, Milk Clarified



Blanco Tequila, Seaweed Cordial, Edamame Orgeat, Lime



Butter Washed Pisco, Plantation Xaymaca Rum, White Wine, Cinnamon, Lemon



North Shore Aquavit & Gin, China China, Mango, Lemon, Bitters



Mizu Shochu, Blanco Tequila, Yzaguirre Blanc Vermouth, Canary Melon, Lime

View the complete Dr. Seuss menu here.

In addition to the house cocktails, Retreat Gastropub also offers a curated list of craft beer and wine, classic cocktails, “Retreat” classics, shrub cocktails and more. Beyond a thoughtful bar program, Retreat is home to guest favorite dishes such as the Farmhouse Burger, the Bread Pudding and their inventive take on Poutine.

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