Schlafly, Pink Boots Society team up for new “fierce” brew

Schlafly, Pink Boots Society team up for new “fierce” brew

Schlafly, Pink Boots Society team up for new “fierce” brew

Last month, Third Wheel Brewing released their She Is Power 2021 IPA as part of Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®. Also, Charleville Brewing released Five Flowers Hazy Pale Ale, as part of an annual event for the Pink Boots Society.

Now, Schlafly is partnering with Pink Boots on a new project.

Schlafly, Pink Boots Society team up for new “fierce” brew

On Friday, Schlafly announced a new partnership with the Pink Boot Society to launch Bearcat Belgian Strong Ale (7% ABV), a beer brewed entirely by women to benefit Rung for Women. Proceeds from Bearcat Belgian go to Rung for Women to further its mission of empowering St. Louis area women to grow and achieve sustained independence through educational, professional, and economic resources. The Pink Boots Society inspires and encourages women in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Bearcat Belgian celebrates the fierce women in the brewing and hospitality industry.

The Beer

This brew has a floral touch and strong malt backbone, with a subtle pink hue, and combines a rich malty backbone with notes of bright tartness that perfectly complement the hop profile. While the ABV is a bit higher, the beer evokes the ideals of spring in its subtle floral character from hibiscus flower and in its color.

Schlafly Brewer Emily Byrne-Franklin brewed the beer with Schlafly’s Beer Lab Specialist, Amanda Mikolay, a Pink Boots Society member. Designing the can is Sarah Frost, Schlafly Beer’s Packaging Designer.  Megan Eplin, president of Pink Boots Society also collaborated with the women on the project.

“I think Bearcat [is] a badge of honor to all the women who find themselves pursuing a passion like brewing, education or nonprofit work, while at the same time balancing the myriad of spinning plates that involves family life, social standards or any other life-related component,” said Schlafly Beer Lab Specialist and Pink Boots Society member, Amanda Mikolay.

“Schlafly is representative of what Rung for Women stands for,” says Leslie Gill, President of Rung for Women. “Schlafly’s CEO is female and four women are in Schlafly’s top leadership positions. Breaking barriers is our mission, and the partnership with Schlafly was a natural fit.”

Bearcat Belgian is available for purchase at all Schlafly brewpubs on draft or in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans.

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