Side Project releasing new beer every day this week

Side Project releasing new beer every day this week

Side Project releasing a new beer every day this week

Have you had your Yuzu today? Probably not. If you’re like me you didn’t know that you didn’t know what a Yuzu was.

Yuzu (Citrus junos) is a hybrid citrus fruit also known as yuja. It originated in China over 1,000 years ago and now grows in Japan, Korea, and other parts of the world.The fruit is small, with a diameter of 2–3 inches (5.5–7.5 cm). It has a relatively thick yellow skin and is more aromatic and much sourer than other citrus fruits. Particularly popular in East Asian cuisine, its juice, peel, and seeds serve as gourmet flavorings for vinegar, seasonings, sauces, and marmalades.

And now beer.

Yuzu Has Arrived

Today, Side Project Brewing announced it would be releasing a new beer every day this week. The first release is a completely new beer – Yuzu.

‘Yuzu is the sister to a La Coterie only beer, Satsuma,” wrote the brewery on social media. “2020 allowed some extra time to focus on experimentation and reevaluation of our farmhouse ales, their Missouri characteristics, and the unique fruits we incorporate into them.”

For Yuzu, Side Project worked with a small importer to bring in Yuzu juice to add to barrels of a soft, delicate Saison. The result showcases the exotic citrus fruit and is balanced by a very soft oak and acid profile.

“We only made 2 oak barrels of this beer, but love how it turned out and are excited to one day revisit this experimental Saison base with the refreshing fruit!” wrote the brewery.

Bottles are available on their site right now for $25.00 and can be picked up as early as today!

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