Charleville releasing new Hazy Pale Ale to benefit Pink Boots Society

Beer Of The Week

Five Flowers

Nothing like new beer and for a good cause.  And that is exactly what fans of Charleville Brewing Company are getting this afternoon. At 3:00, to be exact, the brewery is releasing Five Flowers Hazy Pale Ale, as part of an annual event for the Pink Boots Society.  The event celebrates women in general for International Women’s day, but also women in the brewing industry.

The name Five Flowers represents the 5 hop varieties in the blend, all picked by the Pink Boots Society:  Citra, Loral, Sabro, Ahtanum, Cashmere.

Pink Boots

In honor of International Women’s Day, brewery owner Tait Russell said both his wife and daughter joined in on the brewing process making this beer even more special. Five Flowers Pale Ale will be released April 1st at 3 pm and will be available on tap, growlers, and in 12oz 6pack cans.

Tasting Notes

  • This beer will pour hazy.
  • You’ll get aromas of floral, citrus, and tropical
  • You’ll get all three again, with a lot of zest in the flavor.

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