2nd Shift Brewing announces the return of Hibiscus Wit

If you’re a fan of 2nd Shift Brewing, here’s some news for you. In a post, today on Instagram, the brewery announced the return of baseball to St. Louis by bringing back one of their most popular warm-weather beers, Hibiscus Wit.


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Hibiscus Wit has always been one of my favorite St. Louis beers, and years ago, I got the chance to sit down with Steve Crider at the brewhouse and tasting room and asked him to tell me the story of Hibiscus Wit.


The legend begins in 2009, Crider was in Boston attending a craft beer conference.  During the conference, he sampled a beer with hibiscus flowers.  He liked it, but his thought was that the hibiscus flower would go better with a wit beer.

Upon returning home, Crider wasted no time.  “I just started making it,” said Crider.  On their website, Crider describes it this way:

Heres what I’ve been goofin around with for a while. I love Belgian wits on hot summer days (or freezin your butt off days). Anyway I took a witbier and threw in a bunch of hibiscus flowers to make it even better. Tart and refreshing, with a hint of fruit.

“It’s a tarter beer,” said Crider.  I tried it without the flower and it really is the hibiscus flowers that make the flavor.”

I agree.

2nd Shift Brewing announces the return of Hibiscus Wit