Perennial and friends launch two new beer cocktails for June

Perennial and friends launch two new beer cocktails for June.

One thing I’ve learned in my beer journey, is there are no rules. For example there is no rule that beer has to fly solo. Think of what else you might do with that crisp, tasty ale or how about the favor punch of hazy IPA or smoothie kettle sour. Think cocktails. Beer can add body, bubbles and a frothy kick to cocktails.

Pride Vibes STL

Your brew friends at Perennial Artisan Ales and Rockwell Beer apparently agree, because next month they along with Perennial on Lockwood, Uncle Val’s Gin and Maplewood Distillery are collaborating on new project called Pride Vibes STL to benefit the LGBTQIA+ community of STL, through events, inclusion, & two really tasty beer cocktails.

The New Cocktails

Perennial’s version of Prive Vibes features a Tropical Berliner Weisse (formerly Hopfentea), now renamed Pontoon Breeze as the base beer, combined with Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin with hibiscus simple syrup. Rockwell’s cocktail will be made from Passing Clouds and Maplewood Spruce Gin.

The Back Story 

Among the Perennial staff, a  favorite summertime drink has been the Pontoon Breeze (formerly Hopfentea) with Botanical gin.

“It is the MOST refreshing beer cocktail,” said Sydney Brockman from Perennial. “We have a lot of gin lovers around here. When we were looking at the time frame for Pride Vibes, it all made sense instantly- we HAVE to share this cocktail with STL. Uncle Val’s is amazing and pairs with Pontoon Breeze perfectly. Perennial on Lockwood and Olive+Oak have some cocktail masters who helped us with the drink itself, as well as planning for the events.”

With the idea gaining energy the brewery looked for creative ways to incorporate more community community involvement and reached out to their good friends at Rockwell Beer Co.
“And they jumped on board right away and tagged in Maplewood Brewery and Distillery,” said Brockman. “It all came together pretty seamlessly. We’re lucky to have good friends and support here in the beer (and gin!) community, and it was really exciting to see people come together so quickly for this project.”
Brockman says it’s important for Perennial to support LGBTQIA+ causes because it is important for the brewery to be inclusive of everyone, and the craft beer scene can be intimidating. “We want our tasting room and patio to be a safe place for people to enjoy a drink, chat with our staff, and be 100% themselves. We’re trying to spread love and squash hate,” said Brockman.

Where You’ll Find These Beer Cocktails

As of now, you can find the drinks at Perennial Artisan Ales, Perennial on Lockwood, Olive+Oak, Rockwell Beer Co., Small Change, Intoxicology, Taco Circus, Juniper, Golden Hoosier, Hop Shop, Stacked Burger Bar, Sanctuaria, and Layla in the Grove. They are still talking to bars and restaurants and this list is growing. Stay Tuned to social media for updates! @pridevibesstl


Perennial and friends launch two new beer cocktails for June.

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