Schlafly Beer pop-up hitting Tower Grove Park starting Saturday

Schlafly Beer Pop-up hitting Tower Grove Park starting Saturday

Tower Grove Park is the anchor of the many tight neighborhoods that border it. Mine, Tower Grove East, is, yep, East of the park. The entrance for us is off South Grand, and frankly, I prefer it to the Kingshighway entrance. But enough of that, the reason we’re talking about my favorite city park today, is because Schlafly Beer announced that starting holiday weekend, they will be in Tower Grove Park every Saturday from 12-8pm popping beers behind the Roman Pavilion!

The Saturday pours is the next evolution of the breweries partnership with Tower Grove Park, which began last fall with the release  of Park Lager which benefitted the public park and arboretum in St. Louis.

The Beer

Park Lager (4% ABV) is an approachable American-style lager, brewed with the park’s horticulture team in mind. The 4-pack of 16-ounce cans feature four different labels highlighting iconic spaces throughout Tower Grove Park.

“Our brewing team had the opportunity to sit down with the horticulture and forestry teams in June to brainstorm the beer,” said Lead Brewer Jared Williamson. “One big takeaway was how approachable and welcoming the park is – it’s a space for everyone. We wanted the beer to reflect that as well.”

To the team a lager made sense as that’s what they would want to drink after a day outside. Since Saint Louis is home to the American Lager, they took inspiration from that for the various grains in the beer.

“We added a touch of honey malt for sweetness and character as well as a nod to the new Tower Grove Park beekeeping and honey program,” said Williamson. “For the hops, we include Chinook to bring a bit of woody/piney notes to reference the park’s trees and Hallertau Blanc hops for an aromatic floral component like the flowers in the park.”

The End Result

The balanced, smooth and crisp beer is an easy drinking offering with the same thoughtful nods to Tower Grove Park reflected in the packaging. Lead Designer Sarah Frost explains, “We spent a morning scouting different landmarks that we wanted to focus on. The labels are meant to transport you to a certain spot in the park. Each label showcases a landmark and its surrounding beauty with plants, trees and greenery. The hope is that customers can enjoy Park Lager near each of the spots depicted on the cans.”

This Saturday

Cans of Park Lager will be available, along with their flagship Pale Ale, IPA and Raspberry Hefeweizen.

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Schlafly Beer Pop-up hitting Tower Grove Park starting Saturday