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During the month of February, the team at Third Wheel Brewing wanted to promote Black History Month and the fact that Black Lives Matter. And now the brewery is preparing for is second release, but you may still have a shot at last week’s release as well.

“We decided our platform of having thousands of followers could be leveraged to educate our community about the good work some really amazing organizations are doing for social justice and equality,” said head brewer Abbey Spencer.

The brewery chose 4 organizations to spotlight, and now Third Wheel is spreading the word about the incredible work they are doing within their communities. In addition, they are raising funds for each organization through the proceeds from a popular beer they brewed, the ever popular Pastry Stout.

“We made four variations of the stout, one for each organization,” said Spencer. “We also encourage everyone to check out each organization, and donate directly in addition to purchasing these brews.

Week 1: LSEM
Week 2: Black Women’s Blueprint
Week 3: Urban League

Week 4: Lift for Life Gym

The base recipe for all four beers is the from The Longest Year Ever, a collaboration with BeerSauce Shop.

The first release, Salted Espresso Stout, debuted last Wednesday. The second release, Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry Stout, is expected today, February 10 at 4 p.m.

“Each Wednesday in February, we will release the next variant at Third Wheel Brewing,” said Spencer. “We are not offering any of the beers to go as they are smaller batches and we are doing our best to raise as much money as we can for each of the organizations.

Tasting Notes:

  • On The Pour:  All four have the same base pastry stout. Thick and almost black with a tan, creamy foam.
  • On The Nose: Dark chocolate, toffee and caramel, hints of sweet coffee. Each variant has special ingredients that add to the aroma such as lavender, vanilla, tart cherries and hazelnuts.
  • On The Tongue: Rich, semi-sweet chocolate, molasses, light coffee notes with a balanced finish. It’s full bodied and coats the palate.

Each variant has special ingredients that adds to the flavor such as lavender, vanilla, tart cherries and hazelnuts.

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