Beers We Love | B.O.S.S from Third Wheel Brewing

Beers We Love | B.O.S.S from Third Wheel Brewing

¬†2017 has been a stellar year for St. Louis beer lovers with so much new beer flowing from so many new craft breweries. ¬†One of this year’s most anticipated¬†debuts was Third Wheel Brewing in St. Peters.

Recently they added a big beer to their menu, and it’s one that should be on your ‘to do’ list this fall and most certainly this winter. ¬†This BIG beer is known as B.O.S.S., an Imperial Stout with some big boy numbers. ¬†It rings in at a healthy 10.5% ABV and 62 IBU.

We reached out to Brewer Abbey Spencer, to find out more about B.O.S.S., which she and partner Benn Overkamp, designed together.

How did the B.O.S.S. come to be the B.O.S.S.?
“We loved big, bold, strong, dark beers, and wanted to see if we could execute something we would want to drink.”

What or who inspired its creation?
“Quite honestly, drinking other stouts. They are pretty much my favorite style. I wanted to know if I could make something big, but not too boozy or cloying. The fact that we were drinking Bell‚Äôs Expedition Stout during recipe development may have had some influence.”

“This beer was our first attempt at a partigyle style ale. We took the first runnings and made B.O.S.S. The lighter, less sugary second runnings made Goomah, our 5.5% chocolate and vanilla milk stout. They are no longer the exact same mash recipe but were for many years.”

Tasting Notes
This beer pours dark and full. You can get a sense of the body before you even drink it. Black opaque, medium tan and fluffy textured head. This beer leaves lots of legs with its viscosity.

On the nose
Dark caramel, toffee, sweetened coffee, bakers chocolate, slight alcohol warmth.

What you’ll taste
This one is pretty similar to the nose. Dark chocolate, hints of coffee roast, but not acrid, dark caramel, slight bitter bite at the end to balance out the sweet caramel notes up from. Finished with a snap of black pepper and alcohol warmth.

Serving Sizes: Full Pour, 4oz Taster, 32oz Crowler, Growler

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