Public House Brewing’s newest IPA now available all around St. Louis

Public House Brewing’s newest IPA now available all around St. Louis

As a consumer, the sheer volume of beer styles from so many beer makers can be overwhelming. As a beer maker, I can also appreciate how that volume can work in reverse. So many styles to make, so many ingredients to try brewing new beer. It too can be overwhelming.

This year, the brewers at Public House Brewing in Rolla, addressed this dilemma by introducing their IPA Rotator line of beers. This series allows the brewing team to explore new substyles, hop varieties, and brewing techniques that have evolved with the most popular style of beer in the United States.

The newest offering from the Rotator Series is Bounce IPA.

“With this beer, we wanted to work with some hop varieties that are not found in our year-round offering,” said Josh Stacy COO at Public House Brewing. “It is fun to showcase the different flavors and aromas that one can generate from changing a few ingredients in the recipe. To keep the balance to a more heavily hopped IPA we increased the body and ABV. I feel that we hit it on the head and bring a balanced, bigger IPA to the table.”

The brewers began working on the recipe for Bounce, in their R/D facility in Rolla. They went through 4 versions and collected a lot of feedback from their customers. They then scaled it up and sold it in their St James and Rolla taproom where the beer sold out quickly. “We know that the people in Phelps County are sold – we are looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks,” said Stacy.

The Label Art

Public House Brewing's Elusive IPAAll of Public House’s can art is created by in-house artist Travis Watkins. Watkins has an affinity for the Pop Artists of the 1960s. His artwork has been described as a throwback to Roy Lichtenstein’s, In the Car,  but of course, Watkins also puts his twist on it, bringing back the Fox character from the Elusive brands, and introducing a new character and part of the namesake, the hare.


Overall Impression: This IPA is aromatic and packed full of flavor. It’s distinctly hoppy and bitter, showcasing American hop varieties with pronounced notes of citrus and pine. It is hop-forward, with a clean fermentation profile, dry finish, and clean, supporting malt allowing a range of hop character to shine through.

Aroma: This IPA screams Citra hops. It has a prominent hop aroma featuring characteristics of American hops, such as citrus, pine, resinous, spicy, and tropical fruit. This dry-hopped IPA has an additional fresh hop aroma. A low, clean, grainy-malty aroma can be found in the background.

Appearance: Filtered clear, the color is dark golden to copper with a thick white head that clings to the glass.

Flavor: Hop flavor is very high, and should reflect an American character, such as citrus, pine, resinous, spicy, and tropical fruit. Elevated hop bitterness. Malt flavor is low and is clean. Dry finish. The bitterness and hop flavor lingers into the aftertaste but is not be harsh. A very light, clean alcohol flavor may be noted.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body, with a smooth texture. Medium carbonation. Very light, smooth alcohol warming.

Malts: Vienna and Carapils

Hops: Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe

Yeast: US-05 American Ale

Vital Statistics:

OG: 1.065

FG: 1.010

IBUs: 69

SRM: 5

ABV: 7.5%

Suggested Glass: Tulip or Nonic Pint

Suggested Serving Temp: 45°F

You’ll find Bounce where ever you find Public House cans for sale.

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