4 Hands brings back Hazy IPA Warped Perception

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Tell you what, as I was preparing to make my transition from summer beers, which was dominated by Hazy IPA, to the cool crispness of the Oktoberfest brews, and eventually to Winter Stouts, I’m beginning to think, Hazy IPAs might not be going anywhere.

Why, should I stop enjoying them, if local breweries are going to keep making them.

Today, 4 Hands Brewing Company announced the return of Warped Perception, a Hazy IPA brewed with a blend of Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado, and Lemondrop hops for maximum grapefruit, watermelon, mango, pear, and lychee notes.

That sounds like a juice box with the good stuff inside.

The brewery says it’s available now at the brewery, but will be in stores soon. Order Online.

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