New Releases

Perennial releasing 2020 Barrel-Aged Fantastic Voyage via lottery!

The beer, it keep on comin’. And thank the heavens for it. Today, St. Louis beer lovers learned Perennial is releasing the 2020 Barrel-Aged Fantastic Voyage via lottery! Fantastic Voyage is an Imperial Milk Stout […]

Craft Beer News

Help St. Louis’ beer employees during two day online beer-a-thon

If I’ve learned anything during this pandemic, it’s that staying home, working remotely, while waiting for my daily happy hour to arrive, is that I appreciate beer more than ever. And while I’ve been enjoying […]

New Releases

Old Bakery releasing new beer for curbside pick-up

Old Bakery releases new beer for curbside pick-up. Just a month ago, you and I lived in a different world. Now, as COVID-19 makes its way around the globe, and here in the United States, […]