Alpha Brewing releasing two anniversary beers, and backstory of Zambu Brew

Alpha Brewing releasing two anniversary beers, and backstory of Zambu Brew

The world has changed, so with that in mind, let me preface by saying that all future writing about new and future beers being released will all be available via to-go, curbside pickup or delivery methods, and by breweries practicing social distancing best practices.

New Beer

You never know where the story of beer will take you. I saw a social post about a beer Alpha Brewing had released on April 1st. Although I’m a few days late, I thought the beer sounded interesting enough to learn more. I reached out to owner/head brewer Derrick Langeneckert to find out. I learned about the beer of course, but also about a new grapefruit-flavor vodka liqueur, made right here in St. Louis.

The Backstory

Earlier this year, Alpha attended an event at 3rd Degree Glass Factory. They were passing out samples of Swingle, their lime blonde ale and our mango seltzer. There they met Jared McClain, the founder of Zambu, who too was passing out samples of his liqueur.

“This wasn’t the first time I encountered this really cool liqueur but it was great to meet Jared,” said Langeeneckert. “He’s a homegrown guy and he’s a one-man show.  He developed the recipe for Zambu himself.  I really love a good story like that and thought we could do a cool partnership with him on something.”

That something became Zambu Brew, a light blond ale.

Brewers Tasting Notes:

5% All/Vol, 20IBU

Hazy pale straw

Grapefruit, citrus


Light, Smooth


Yeast: 1056 Chico
Hops: Cascade
Malt: 2 Row Proximity Base Malt
Other: Zambu Secret Sauce

40 Cases only, 4pack of 12oz cans.  Suggested Retail $13.

The Can Art

The artist is Melvin Ide, a personal friend of Langeneckert and does a bunch of labels for Alpha Brewing. The label is an image of The Great Zambu, a washed-up wrestler who is featured in their April Fools Day commercial.

“There’s a lot of action going on in the label,” said Langeneckert. “Our bar manager, Amber Hoskins, created the concept of The Great Zambu.  We toss around a bunch of ideas for the name, Swingle Tingle, Zambrew, but finally landed on Zambu Brew.”

Where to find Zambu Brew

Alpha is offering Zambu Brew in 4-packs for $13 and you can pick up the beer curbside.


  • Monday-Friday: 5pm-8pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 2pm-8pm

The beer is also available at most of your small local retail shops like Friar tucks, Randalls, Saint Louis Hop Shop, Shaw Market, Gustine Market.

More New Beer

There are two more beers to tell you about. Alpha is releasing their long-awaited 7th Anniversary beers on Friday, April 10.

Rouge Biere 7th Anniversary Edition Raspberry Sour Blonde Ale is a complex mixed fermentation beer, aged in their first foeder for nearly two years with raspberries. It’s pink, funky and wild.

$22/750ml Bottle
Limit 3PP

Cultured 7th Anniversary Edition Sour Blonde Ale was pulled from the same foeder as Rouge, aged for 18 months, they pulled the beer to bottle conditions and settled it earlier this year. It’ll have you drinking with your pinky out as the bright sour flavors from our house blend of yeast curl your toes in delight.

$19/750ml Bottle
Limit 3PP

Pre-Order at this Link here ??…