Old Bakery releasing new beer for curbside pick-up

Old Bakery releasing new beer for curbside pick-up

Old Bakery releases new beer for curbside pick-up.

Just a month ago, you and I lived in a different world. Now, as COVID-19 makes its way around the globe, and here in the United States, everything about our daily lives has changed. What hurts the most is the effect on our daily routines. Our sense of being an American has been altered. Everything we’re doing now is pointed towards stopping the spread of the virus.

Because of this, the local beer scene has been greatly affected as your regular haunts, restaurants, bars, coffee shops—have had to close, or change their business flow. Some have shut down while others have tried to stay open, turning to deliver or drive-up, curb-side service to provide customers with their products. While it’s important that we all adhere to social distancing, all of these small businesses are suffering.

Meanwhile, slowly but steadily, the local brewing community is responding in the best way they can. By making beer.

New Beer

One of the few breweries ready to react, right now, is Old Bakery Beer.

“We are doing it to keep our lights on and pay our employees, but also because it’s what we do. We find passion in contributing something joyful and fun to a stressed-out world,” said Lauren Pattan, co-founder of Old Bakery.

To help celebrate the battle that everyone is fighting, Old Baker infused that feeling, and a whole lot of blueberries, into their newest seasonal beer, Blueberry Cream Ale. Blueberry Cream Ale is an ode to goodness, brewed to encourage each of us to choose gratitude, show kindness, and share often.

Beer For A Cause

A portion of proceeds from every can will benefit Vivent Health—a relentless champion for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

“We chose Vivent Health because they consistently improve outcomes for some of our region’s most vulnerable residents,” said Pattan. “Those individuals are our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who often suffer silently, and who are especially at risk during this global pandemic.

As for the beer, it will be available for curbside pickup & delivery from the brewery beginning this Saturday, April 11, and will ship out for distribution in Missouri and Central/Southern Illinois next week.

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