St. Louis beer lovers asked to rally to support our town’s brewing community

St. Louis beer lovers asked to rally to support our town’s brewing community

The St. Louis beer scene has always been there for us. It’s time to be there for them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions and like everyone else, our beer community has had to react. Workers have been furloughed, hours have been drastically cut and taprooms have been closed. Now is your chance to help the people who have spent their lives making our lives better.

STLBEER has launched an innovative idea. COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION is an online initiative and live-streamed event, to put money directly into the hands of brewery employees affected by the pandemic. 

Step one, make a donation and pick up an incredible gift pack of local beer and swag!

Get on board with COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION by making a $100 donation and receive a special, hand-packed mix case of local brews and swag from 28 Greater St. Louis regional breweries as a “thank you”. Think, “Beer Festival: The Home Game”. Your donation and mixed case gift order confirmation will be handled online and then fulfilled with no-hassle, no-contact, drive-thru service at the Schlafly Bottleworks parking lot in downtown Maplewood, MO. Only 240 of these donation premium mix cases are available so grab one now at   *Donors must be 21 years of age or older and show a valid form of ID during pick-up. ** Pick-up date and scheduling to be determined.

Step two, come together digitally April 25-26 with friends, family… and the entire local brewing community while rocking out to an incredible line-up of musical performances!

Pop open some local brews at home while tuning in to COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION, a live-streamed event full of fun beer and so much great music. Each participating brewery will team up with a musician or band and broadcast live from their socially distant venue. We will go from brewery to brewery (and probably some homes), checking in, listening to great tunes, and learning about different ways to help support our beer scene. COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION will stream live from Noon-5pm on April 25 and 26 on YouTube, Facebook Watch, and

100% of all direct, tax-deductible donations and profits from donor premiums brought in by STLBEER during the COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION campaign this April will be evenly distributed and paid out directly to area brewery employees facing furloughs and reductions of hours and tips due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
For major donations/sponsorships, please email Troika Brodsky at

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