Main & Mill Brewing releasing Lil’ Jifforia in cans

Main & Mill Brewing releasing Lil’ Jifforia in cans

I’m told there are few things in life that go better together than peanut butter, chocolate and beer. I’m told, but I’m not quite sure what they are.

I believe in peanut butter and chocolate stouts like I believe in America and apple pie. They are good for everyone, and if you don’t want it for yourself, I’ll take yours.  Once you have tried one, you will totally get how great beer and peanut butter flavors can go together, and there are many that create fantastic variants such as vanilla, coffee, pineapple, mango or some other “strange,” non-beery flavor. Don’t knock it till you try it!

While there are dozens and dozens of excellent peanut butter and chocolate brews, I knew from my first sip of Main & Mill’s Lil’ Jifforia, that this beer was one of the most flavorful I’ve ever had. It’s a silky smooth session stout with loads of peanut butter and chocolate. It stands out for its very bold flavors while remaining around 5.5% ABV, giving it more drinkability than the bigger imperial stouts.

Lil Jifforia pours very dark brown to black, low to medium carbonation giving way to light brown foam.On the nose, you’ll get all the peanut butter with a hint of chocolate with light notes of roasted malt barely peeking through,

On the tongue, well, it’s a friggin liquid peanut butter cup in a glass. Nuff said.

Now Available In Cans

Up until today, the only way to get yourself a taste of Lil’ Jifforia was to wait patiently for those glorious words via text or social media that would alert you that it was on tap at the Festus taproom. The last time that happened for me was this past November, and sadly I could not get down.

But today, we all got this alert! So, make note and make your plans!