We’ll be tippin’ back some pretty big BA brews at Main and Mill in 2018

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As we finish up another year of beer, it’s time to look ahead to what we’ll be pouring, sipping and loving in 2018.  I’ve reached out to a few of our town’s best brewers to see what we can expect from them in the next Year of Beer.

I admit I have a soft spot for Main and Mill Brewing Company, as they were the first brewery to follow me on Instagram.  So let me try to return the love by letting you all know what the great Denny Foster has planned for us beer lovers in 2018.

What Can We Expect in 2018
I’m starting to see a trend among the breweries this year, and the trend is more bottle or can releases.  They don’t have a set number planned but we can realistically expect around 8 for the year.  To grow the number of new releases, the brewery is looking at adding a larger barreling area to allow for more bottle numbers in the coming years. It should allow them more flexibility and flavors when it comes to their blends which is something they are extremely excited about. 

“We may fall far short or exceed that,” said Foster. “But we’re trying to make it work in the small space we have.”

Foster has a few that are close to being ready for release over the next few months.  He also hopes to finally get some limited draft distribution going at some point.

New Releases
Fair warning.  The following sentences will make your mouth water.

As for what will be released first, Main & Mill has three beers they are preparing for release and it all comes down to bottle label approvals.  BA Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout (aged in Buffalo Trace barrels with cinnamon, cacao nibs, three chile varieties, and vanilla, 12.1%).

BA Non-Adjunct Imperial Stout (aged in Buffalo Trace Barrels and left untouched from barrel to bottle, 12.5%) and lastly, their 2017 Oak-Aged Imperial Breakfast Stout, a non BA version of their most recent release, fermented on cacao nibs, cinnamon, vanilla beans, maple syrup, and Mississippi Mud Espresso.

All three above will be thick imperial stouts with the flavors included above. The BA version will have additional notes of bourbon and light raisins.  Mama!

Innovation is another theme for 2018.

Playing around and trying new things is the fun and glory of owning your own brewpub with a 7BBL system. “We’ll probably do some more heavily fruited kettle sours and continue to experiment and play with stouts while hoping to branch into some new hop varieties with our IPA’s,” said Foster.

Looking Ahead
The growth of the St. Louis brewing community in 2017 is another thing that is fun about being a brewer. “I’m personally excited to check out every new place and get an idea of what they do differently than everyone else. The Heritage Festival this summer should be bigger than ever with all the new things happening in the greater St. Louis area.


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