Pick your party with Schlafly’s newest POTUS collection

Just in time for the next heavyweight bout between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton at Washington University in St. Louis on October 9th, Schlafly Beer is launching a special election-inspired beer with POTUS, a limited-release American lager. […]


28 cocktail recipes made with all locally crafted spirits

Craft distilling is one of the fastest growing and most interesting industries in St. Louis.  The movement combines the hefty spirit of a pre-prohibition distiller with the smart, glittering image of a 21st century entrepreneur.  Locally, […]


Drink beer, help out a playground

The drive to Festus is a straight shot down I-55 south from downtown St. Louis.  If you make the drive this Saturday, you will be rewarded my friends, rewarded indeed. Because if you do, you […]