Hopskeller Brewing now open, first release party announced

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Our area’s newest craft brewery, the Hopskeller Brewing Company,  is officially open for business.

Hopskeller Brewing Company’s new tasting room is open for business in downtown Waterloo, Illinois, making this sleepy Illinois town the newest destination for St. Louis craft beer lovers. It is now home to two breweries with Stubborn German Brewing Company located around the corner.

The man behind Hopskeller is owner and brewmaster Matt Schweizer.  Schweizer, a long time home brewer, became a sort of local celebrity as his home brews became more and more popular around town. Legend has it that Schweizer, a then 29-year-old history teacher,  brought his brews to Monroe County’s annual “Taste of the Region” festival in February of 2014.  Until then, he presented and served his beers at contests, private gatherings, and parties. But the lines of thirsty customers at his tasting booth got him and everyone else wondering, “When will we be able to get this beer all the time?”

The answer is now.

12250040_1573117046242390_3792651092336338135_nThe Current Beers

6.56% ABV, 32 IBU

A Hopskeller flagship brew, this Northwestern-style ale combines late-addition Cascade hops with caramel and toasted malts for an unforgettable drinking experience.

6.83% ABV, 12 IBU
Their most popular beer, this American wheat ale is aged on raspberries from Oregon’s famous Willamette Valley. It’s light and refreshing with just a hint of raspberry aroma and flavor.

4.17% ABV, 15 IBU
This is a crisp, light English session ale. It’s an easy-drinking brew with a caramel-malt aftertaste and the slightest bitterness from early-addition Fuggle hops.

5.76% ABV, 26 IBU
A smooth brown ale that highlights the caramel, chocolate, and nutty flavors of roasted English barley. A must-try for the craft beer aficionado and the everyday drinker!

4.57%, 14 IBU
A darker brew that combines all of the great flavors of their Pale Mild Ale with more robust caramel and nutty flavors. Great on its own, this ale is a wonderful introduction to dark beers.

4.99% ABV, 100 IBU
For the true hopheads among us! This hoppy IPA eases up on the grain bill to let the intense blend of Chinook, Amarillo, and Columbus come through. Uncompromising, this is a true taste of the Northwest!

New Beer Already?

The Autumn Harvest Release Party will be the weekend of October 7-9. Remember: once the Autumn Harvest is gone, it’s gone, so be sure to get yourself a glass or two before it runs out!

We can’t wait to make our way to Waterloo to make our first visit to Hopskeller.  Hope you will too.

Hopskeller Brewing Company
116 E 3rd St, Waterloo, Illinois 62298
(619) 939-BEER (2337).

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