2nd Shift releasing 6 new LSD variants on draft in December

Beer Of The Week

The team at 2nd Shift are rounding out 2017 in fine fashion, with plenty of drinking events featuring old friends and new releases on tap.

Perhaps one of their best and most popular beers is back on tap and on December 5th, released in cans.  Katy is an American Brett Saison which is aged for 3 months in oak barrels with Brettanomyces Lambicus, a cool yeast that gives the beer a wonderfully pretty aroma and flavor.

The newest batch is apparently back with some Funk with some help from Missouri’s own Foeder Crafters.

December 5th is also the debut of the first of several variants of 2nd Shifts popular Liquid Spiritual Delight.  All the LSD variants will be served on draft with only one keg each, so if you’re up for a taste, make sure to save the date.

The LSD Variants
Raspberry LSD – December 5th
Coffee BA LSD – December 6th
BA LSD – December 7th 
Salted Chocolate LSD – December 8
Cinnamon LSD – December 9
Maple LSD – December 9

Variants are becoming more and more popular and from my opinion making loving beer more fun.  More fun for the brewers as well.

They are just something fun for us to play around with. Once we see how they go over, we may, at a future date package them in a greater quantity, said Libby Crider.

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