Tiki party tonight to celebrate collab release of Pinya Breeze

In a society where business can be cut throat and competition is fueled by profits, it is a breath of real fresh air to know there is one world where competition breeds friendships and respect, and that respect breeds creativity, which hopefully yields what we all love – great new beer.

That is exactly what is going down tonight as two of St. Louis’ best brewers, 4 Hands Brewing Company and 2nd Shift Brewing Company celebrate their collaboration release with“Pinya Breeze” – an East Coast Style IPA dry hopped with Idaho 7 & Zythos hops.

“We’ve been friends with the 4 Hands guys since both of our beginnings,” said Libby Crider, co-owner at 2nd Street. “Kevin Lemp was a huge reason as to why we were able to move and expand, as well as add a tasting room. He guided us with what his plans had entailed and was one of our biggest cheerleaders.”

The two breweries have been trying to collaborate with each other for a few years now, but scheduling and lack of tank space was always an issue.

“We went back and forth between many, many different styles, but when we suddenly had a tank open a couple weeks ago – the 4 Hands guys had gotten in a new hop they were extremely excited about – Idaho 7 – and wanted to use it in our collaboration.”

Tonight, beer lovers will get to experience how this new fruity hop works with Zythos, 2nd Shifts favorite fruity hops. Zythos has predominate grapefruit notes, Idaho 7 has predominate pineapple.

“So immediately we thought Tiki Party! And the Filipino word for pineapple is Pinya. Thus Pinya Breeze,” said Crider. “We were going for a Seagrams wine cooler-esque feel.”

Tonight, we’ll all get to see if they succeeded.  $12 per 4pk, no limit!  Party runs from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.