Signs you’re a little too into craft beer

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If you haven’t be able to notice by now, we’re pretty into craft beer around here. We totally geek out for rare beer tappings, crazy pour lists at festivals, and getting that call from your buddy asking how much Heady Topper you want sent your way.

However, we’ve also come to recognize that sometimes people tend to get a little TOO into craft beer. And while we know many of you all aren’t that into GIFs, some of these pictures and GIFs perfectly capture signs you’re a little too into craft beer. Special thanks to Alex Cadice of InterNEATfame and Erin Horn for tracking down these GIFs.

Your travel plans revolve around visiting breweries, beer fests, and tappings.

Similarly, your house search revolved around the criteria of: basement size for aging or brewing beer, yard space for growing hops, proximity to a craft beer store, and proximity to a neighborhood brewery/beer bar.


You cringe when you hear someone ordering “a light colored beer.”


A majority of your glassware comes from pint nights, or breweries.


You have a closet/attic/cellar full of beer that will likely not be drunk for another few years.


You research the regional water used in beers.


You get giddy at the sight of Sam Calagione.


You actually know who Sam Calagione is.


You consider people you’ve never met, but traded beer with, as your close friends.


Your fridge, water bottle, laptop, notebook, room, car are all covered in brewery stickers.


You spent the entirety of the movie Drinking Buddies excitedly pointing out Midwest brewery shout outs and references.


You’ve started using words like mouthfeel, malty, weight, gravity, balance, hopped, finish, and most notably head, in everyday conversations but in a nontraditional and unintentionally sexual way.


You own one of these shirts… seriously just stop.


You’ve been kicked out of a bar for yelling at the bartender about the use of pint glasses.


You fly Southwest because of the free checked bags.