Why that winery you liked is worth another visit – then another

Since we run Mo’ Vino Journey, we are always looking for new experiences. We tend to think that if we have visited a place that we have seen what they have to offer. In some cases that may be true but there is often something lurking around the corner that you may have missed and a 2nd visit may reveal a new surprise that wasn’t there before. We have seen that time and time again. The 1st visit will let you know you like a place but a 2nd, 4th or 10th visit will show you the heart of a winery and you will feel its heartbeat all around you as you enjoy it.

We have a few places that we frequent on a more regular basis than others. One of those places is Kuenzel Valley Winery in New Haven, MO. Our first visit told us that we loved the place but as we kept coming back, we grew to care for the winery in a deeper way and found many intriguing things that one visit would have caused us to miss. The wonderful couple that runs the winery are one of the many reasons to visit but the wine is the real superstar. Tony, the winemaker, is always creating something new. You have to come back over and over again to get the full experience because you miss out if you don’t.

I firmly believe that wine helps enrich our lives. I also believe that finding your “go to” winery can help elevate your life. We go to wineries on a frequent basis but we try to go to our “home” winery a couple times a month. It feels like going home and the hustle and bustle of life disappears for a time while you are there. A new place to visit is always fun but there is nothing like going to a place where you feel like you belong. So I urge you to find a favorite and go back again and again.

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