Don’t let your choice of wine make your holiday stressful

This story originally appeared on Mo' Vino Journey

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​Christmas is coming and with that means making sure everything is just perfect for that special holiday gathering. You have meticulously made choices for the meal so that you will have something delicious and memorable. You may now find yourself stressing over what wines you should serve with your holiday feast. If you do a little digging, there are a ton of info graphics out there that strive to help you pair your wine with your meal and even your deserts. Even with all of this information at our fingertips, we still find it to be a stressful venture.

Courtesy of Mo' Vino Journey
Courtesy of Mo’ Vino Journey

I have been asked many times by friends and family what wine they should pair with their meal. I always ask the same question in return, “What do you like”. This question should really guide you in your selections. I know there are traditional conventions that say what goes best together but the honest truth is you should listen to your pallet. If you are wanting to make the wine diversified, then pick one or two reds and one or two whites that you really enjoy to share with your guests. At the end of the day, a conventional pairing may be a thing of beauty to many but to you, it may just not be “your thing” and if it’s not really your thing, then chances are it won’t be your guest’s thing.

Courtesy of Mo' Vino Journey
Courtesy of Mo’ Vino Journey

​Pairings are another area of wine that we complicate for ourselves. I will admit that a good pairing can elevate the meal but for me that pairing has always been about enjoying a food I love, with a wine I love, and when that happens; the two enrich the experience and make it something beautiful. As you gather around with family and friends to celebrate this holiday season, fill your glasses with wines that you feel passionate about and share that joy with your guests. That pairing is the most important one after all, this holiday season.


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